Damn Kids...

I haven't been gardening for very long but my grandmother was an avid gardener and most definately had a green thumb. As a child I found the task of gardening remedial and just hard work. However recently I have been going outside more and taking care of what is left of my grandmother's garden since she has passed away on September 11, 2006. I've grown to love it, I'm even appreciating the small worms that come and help me

Even so there are some kids that live on my block that vandalize everything. They're so irritating, whether they're trying to steal street signs, or jumping on the backs of trucks to get a ride down the allyway, they're just a pain in the butt! My mom says I just sound like an old man because I always ***** about them, but I do understand that boys will be boys. However, today they crossed the line by tearing out a peonie. I am very annoyed however its not as if they're a temporary flower.
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May 17, 2012