I Love Growing Something...

I love pulling small parts of a bush or succulent plant off of a friends plants in there garden (with consent of course!) and once you pop it in water at home it starts to grow roots where there were none to begin with, they start a whole new plant, a new life. Once you place it in dirt in a pot you have to be kind and gentle with it but within no time it has secured itself into its new home and you have in a way created a new life! I used to do this all the time at my old place, now i have no room for plants at my current house and im cant wait till i get to start fresh and make my new garden from neglected ignored plants in other peoples yards! Even the tiniest offcut WILL grow if its looked after, and its so satisfying when it does finally hold its own in the world! Its inexpensive (only costs are pots and soil) and it gives you something to do if you want to get outside and feel the warmpth of the sun rather than sit inside on the computer! I miss my garden and my plants!!!
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I also do this. Take cuttings and with a tiny bit of rooting hormone dipped I then add it to the potted soil mix.<br />
I made a new gardenia for my daughter in law. Just waiting for them to move in their new home to take it to her.<br />
I don't have much luck with mint. I would like to get a piece of orange or spearmint. I have a good amount of peppermint that grows like a weed. <br />
Most any plant I find I can turn it around even if it looks dead.<br />
A neighbor up the street tossed out an orchid. It looked dead. But I thought I might just try and water it and see what happens. She came back from the dead. <br />
The same thing happened with a mini-rose I found tossed as garbage. She also is doing quite well now.<br />
Just waiting to see what color of bloom the orchid will bring.

i find Rhubarb grows like a weed, i have most success when i pop something in a bucket of water and forget it for a couple months...