Cactii Have To Be My One Of My Favorite Gardening Plants

When I first heard about a cactus I was just a little kid watching Looney Toons who happened to see Wile Cyotee run face first into one of the giant Arizona Cactii and limp of hurt. I didn't think too highly of cactii for a long time untill 5th or 4th grade when we were reading about actual dessert cactii that I started seeing how cool they were. I learned that cactii had water stored inside their bodies and in their roots (like all plants), that some kinds of birds make homes out of cactii, and that their are a lot of differnt types of cactii growing the world, not only in the desserts. I espacilly loved the ones that grew flowers on top of their heads, espacilly red and white ones when the body is a nice emeraled green. Last year my mother went to Lowes to "save" the cheap and dying flowers (which I would take care of and keep many of the wild, un-welcomed critters away from) and found one of the most beautiful cactus I had ever seen. It was a small, emerald green cactus with small, thin little red colored spikes all around it's body. It was small enough to fit in your hand I imediently wanted it. By the time I got home I learned it was called a "Red Balloon Cactus" and while I was online I learned about cactii gardens and saw that the gardens could be as big as whole yards to small pots and pans. I took one of the old gardening pots we had in the backyard, filled it with dirt and planted the little guy. By the end of the summer I had four differnt cactii plus one more "Red Baloon", a whole bunch of clovers that I still continue to pick out to keep the garden happy and healthy, and something nice and pretty to look at even though it's winter.
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I think that cactus plants are certainly under appreciated! I agree that some of them can be really pretty. Your descriptions make them sound far more enticing than I'd ever thought of them. Once when I was about 5 or 6, I went to a grocery store with my mom. There was a cactus on the floor display in the floral department, and for some reason I sat on it. Ouchhhies. Maybe this is the reason I don't own any to date... Anyway, reading this was a refreshing view on the plant. Thanks!

No problem, and thanks for the complement. :)