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I have gotten into gardening in the last 3 years.  Mostly vegetables and herbs.  There's nothing like fresh herbs if you like to cook.  Basil is my favorite but dill, rosemary, thyme, oregano, and sage are also great fresh.  I've also discovered Lemon Balm.  It is lemony and makes a great relaxing hot tea.  I only grow organic.  Lots of compost and no pesticides (except natural ones).  I like to keep my seeds also to use for next year.  Having your own home grown seeds grown from your soil instead of bought from the store each season.  We can grow year-round here in central Texas b/c our winters are so mild.  Broccoli, onions, lettuce, asparagus all grow great in the winter.  If you asked me ten years ago if I would love gardening at age 30 I would've said your crazy but here I am.  I'm old.
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I think little plants can be cute too :-)

I knew what you meant, no sweat! I've got a cactus too. It's a San Pedro cactus, I like them. You can cut the top off and put it in some dirt and it will grow a new one. And where you cut the plant it branches into two trunks. Pretty neat.

I hear people say that they "kill" their plants pretty often. Your plants won't die if you love them's a lot about the time that you put into it. And some cacti aren't so easy to grow...they have particular needs as well just like other plants...they just don't need as much water.

Hey Ashill, there's got to be some things you could grow that you aren't allergic to. What about aloe? or cactus? Are you allergic to all vegetable? God I hope not!!

That's awesome, artichokes would be interesting to grow. My garden this summer was terrible. I live in central Texas and we had too much rain during a time of year that is usually dry. Hopefully the fall will be a little more stable. I love the fall and winter growing season here, there are a lot of things that grow well here in that time. Thanks for your comments :-)

I have been doing a similar thing. I started growing beans and potatoes sixteen years ago when I was pregnant. Now a couple of houses later I am still growing tomatoes, beans, bell peppers, mint, chives, parsley, sun flowers, all organic, and i love to cook. I add a new plant or two each year, I just love gardening, its one of the best feelings ever. I want to grow globe artichokes next. My favoruite!! I already have the Jerusalems.

Yeah you are right...we've been getting so much rain here in Texas that my garden is drowning. Nothing is doing well but there's always next season :-)

I think there is a basic satisfaction with planting a seed and watching it grow... I have earth boxes in which to plant veggiies and herbs, water once a week, have them set up high enough where there is no bending, No weeding.... as Martha Steward would say... It's a good thing !

You're only as old as you feel. I've been alive for 57 years, but I still feel like a kid most of the time. I play guitar and write songs and play with my dog and love my wife and work in the yard, and I still get surprised when my body says "wait a minute, dummy! You're not 20 anymore..." <br />
<br />
Being young doesn't have to mean overdoing everything. I wish I started eating fresh foods at 30 like you. I also wish I started thinking about retirement savings when I was thirty, but that's another story...

You're not getting old, you're getting more health concience.... which we're not usually as teens and in our 20's cause we're too busy eatting tacos, burgers, fries, and drinking booze like a fish in water!! Man, how that stuff catches up with us 10 yrs. later!! Dern! WE ARE getting OLD!!