Victory Garden 2009

I am a new home owner that finally has the time and space for a vegetable garden. I have started the seeds indoors for Tomatoes (3 types), peppers, stringbeans, cucumbers, eggplant, oregano. basil, thyme and various lettuce plants. I would like to set up as an old fashioned Victory Garden. 10 X14 approximately. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know. Going to rent a rototiller tomorrow to turn the grass.

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2 Responses Mar 23, 2009

Ok, so much for using the rototiller to tutn over the ground. According to local center grass has to be turned first, so I have started this process, Thanks for the newspaper reminder, I forgot this great idea from when i had a garden years ago. They tell me TN dirt is extremely hard to rototill unless the grass is gone. So I will be going back to them after grass is gone so that I can add nutrients and mulch.

What would you like to know. There are so many different things you can do. #1 being the ground hasn't been planted in sometime is a good thing. If I were you I would broadcast some fertilizer before you even start to till the soil. #2 When you get the rows laid out. You can use newspaper and leaves to cut down on weeds. Plant your plants/seeds water the ground well. Laynewspaper up to within an inch or two of your plants/ seeds then put leaves on top of that pretty heavy la<x>yer of leaves. Water again. This will help hold the water in the soil longer. And weeds will not be a problem either. #3 At the end of the season Just rake the leaves to one end of the garden and pick up the newspaper. Turn the soil under once. That will allow sometime for stuff to begin to rot before your next garden. I don't know where you leave but it might be a good idea if you put out ground mole traps. They can destroy a garden very quickly.