My Idol of My Childhood - Enough Said

How can anyone not love Garfield?? My love affair started because at the time, I went through food the same way Garfield did and my parents - mostly mom complained I was looking a bit chunky. Suddenly I saw a Garfield section either in a newspaper or while I was browsing through the bookstore. Here was this totally cool, awesome, unapologetic cat who was so content to be the way he was. Totally badass and got away with things that would have most owners looking to give the animal away. Plus he was so funny while pulling this pranks on Odie and Jon or getting pranked out himself. There's not enough room to list the hysterical episodes. Like when he drinks six cases of soda pop and burps powerful enough to blow Jon and Odie flying out the front door or when Odie slobbers into his litterbox resulting in Jon putting a diaper on Garfield which Garfield then puts around Odie's snout the next time he passes by. Simply put Garfield made sloth and gluttony glamorous and funny at the same time.

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1 Response Mar 25, 2009

Yes, indeed! I, too, am a major fan! I own the first 45 of his 47 books! It has been fun watching his adventures over the last 31 years!