That Orange Fat, Smart and Cute Kitty

I really identify with him, he always makes me laugh and feel good about eating! to death!

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Cute! Love that kitty.

yeah fatty cat LOL i watched movie gardfield today so i thought want joined group which is related..yeah hes so funny i cant stop laugh watched it XD

I am going to buy that for daughter, thanks for the suggestion

I just found out there is a garfield version of monopoly where the chance and community cards are lasagne cards and litterbox cards

My uncle had a cat that resembled Garfield a lot

I think I found the real life Garfield on UTUBE called "lazy cat...a cat watching tv"<br />
<br />
I'm sure there are others but this kitty sure knows how to relax...all he needs is a beer.

Only on EP, or should I say Ghost Busters?

I love this site. Where else can you talk about Garfield etc. and find kindred spirits. Thanks LordVoldemort & everyone else.

I love Lasagna, and it's my daughter's favorite because of Gerfield

@ june: great story<br />
<br />
@ Frito: It's not nuts, I still watch Garfield, but I use my daughter as excuse!

I used to be a major Garfield fan...rushing home from work with a bottle of Berringer Knoghts Valley Cabernet (for me) and fresh chicken (for my cats) to watch a Garfield special on TV.<br />
I know I'm nuts. But it was fun.

singer1960, what a cat!!! I am always charmed at how cute they can be.<br />
<br />
My friend used to have this dog who was creamy in color, barrel like in shape with a pale pink nose. People liked to say that they mistook her for a pig. She ate a hell of a lot, too.<br />
<br />
One day, my friend did a favor to another friend and took in a puppy. When the puppy got sick, my friend decided to hand feed it. The "pig" promptly stopped eating and refused to until my friend gave up and hand fed her, too!

Ah! children just love cats. And yours was a smart one. Thanks for sharing

My kids made one follow them home one day when they were little....But we called him Nermal....He was so funny..... Once he hurt one of his paws...and he had a limp.... Well even when it was all better he would limp when ever he thought that we were watching him......The problem was that his limp would change sides.... It was always on the side facing us.....And would go away when he thought that we were not looking...<br />
<br />
heheheheh He was a funny kitty.... Would climb on the roof...and meow when he wanted down... Not too far for him to jump... He just never wanted to

I love everything about him, he is great

'Everyone's entitled to my opinion.' LOL<br />
<br />
I love how he is completely confident in his self worth!