Panty Hose Should Be Illegal!!!!!!!!!!

For me it all started when I was a senior in high school I was going shopping for my dress for senior prom. A group of us girls all got together to go shopping. While we were out we passed by a lingerie shop and we walked inside. One of my friends grabbed a garter belt of of the rack and jokingly said "Hey Kelly, here you go this can be your dress! LOL! I took it from her and said " I think I will wear one of these with my dress! I had never wore one before but I was going to prom with my boy friend and always thought that they looked cute but I never really had the opportunity or occasion. My dress was a medium electric blue color with gold accents so I went on a mission to find just the right set. After 3 different shops I found just the right sexy number. It had a matching low cut bikini panties (I'm a size 3) made out of shinny blue silk with a lot of gold lace. The garter belt had 6 suspenders, 3 on each side and the bra matched accordingly. (I'm a perky c cup.) This set was almost an exact match for my dress.............. I mean what luck. I might have gone overboard with my stockings but who knows, the jury is still out on that one. My silk stockings had the seam that runs up the center of the back of the leg. (And yes my Dad made a comment about it! But good ole mom took care of that! LOL!!) It was because of that night and how I felt knowing that how sexy I was wearing all my sexy undergarments that I just felt sexy all night! Now to this day I ALL WAYS wear matching sexy panties and bra sets and garter belts (When I need stockings) and not panty hose.. I never wear panty hose! Thats just a must! As women it is our right to dress as sexy as we choose or not. Just because we have to have grace and class and dress accordingly, our panties and bras are for our eyes only (If we choose. LOL!!) and we can dress as skimpy/sexy as we want and my past relationships with men have allways made great comments about it. I remember once my boyfriend told me that watching me get dressed that morning was like watching "The Playboy channel"........(It must have been that garter belt and silk stockings!) LOL! 

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Very nice. I love a woman who knows how to dress underneath it all.

Pantyhose have their place but for me I luv my garter belts

kbart , what a cool story. I loved it.

Good on you, keep it up, there is nothing better and more confidence giving than wearing stockings and suspenders.<br />
<br />
Promote the fact to EVERYONE

Yes, Mistress, i didn't even think of that part.

Not to mention, My slave, that wearing pantyhose is too expensive because we put our thumbnail through the damn things the first time we try to pull them up after going to the bathroom. You can buy a lot of nice garter belts and stockings with the same money it costs to replace pantyhose after only wearing them once.

I have never understood "Why pantyhose?" It would seem to me, who has never worn them, that they, after maybe a little convenience in initially putting them on, offer lots more little inconveniences when dropping them for the occasional nature call. And Good Grief, if a garter belt is too complicated there are always the hose that stay up without them (which I favored in my somewhat younger cross-dressing days because my only garter belt didn't fit right and I couldn't go back again).<br />
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And I have never seen a sexy panty part of pantyhose. They all have been EUWWWW, to me

Teri, you are still okay, just admire everything that you see on my page.. Love yea dear

It's what we wear underneath it all that counts, doesn't it !! My boyfriend and I went online shopping yesterday and we, I mean he, picked the dress that would allow me to wear bra with sraps and garter belt and stockings. I don't like pantyhose myself. I think pantyhose were invented for convenience, it doesn't bring out the womanhood essence in us. I like full cut panties most of young women like bikinies as you mentioned in your story. That's just me.. is all.

watching someone dress ( or undress for that matter ) in sensual lingerie is one of the most erotic things to do, it never fails to unleash some kind of passion. i think it is the intimate nature of this slow motion striptease that does it. like you i perfer stockings also. thanks for the great story. love, tessa

I love garter belts and stockings too. I hate pantyhose because they are not sexy at all. To see myself dressed in matching bra, panties, and garter belt with stockings and 5 inch pumps makes me so HORNY that i always jack off my hard **** and *** all over myself. I lick and swallow my own *** and always repeat what I just did over and over again. Oh kbart, I sure would love to see you dressed up in matching lingerie sometime. Maybe we could get together and do this soon. : ) : )

My wife tried silk stockings, but they are so unevenly woven, due to the tiny clods in the silk. That's why she prefers nylon all the way. $50 and upwards, a pair.

Cool mom!