The Power Over Me !

Yes garters are so awesome, sexy revealing. and I just so want to feel my woman up when she wears them !
cjpsf5 cjpsf5
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Chargers77 same here !

Garters and hose is very, very exciting. When a woman crosses her legs and skin shows above the hose. Don't know what it is but it definitely gets my hurt thumping in overdrive.

Yes I agree sillygooz ! was and always is...........such a powerful memory!

Sounds very memorable sillygooz!!

I remember the very first time I saw a woman in stockings and garters. I had walked into my mothers bedroom and there she was..........standing with her back to me.........her butt fr<x>amed so lovely by the garter straps and............her legs encased in black nylon stockings...........<br />
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I was young and it left such a huge impression on me..........she turned around and with no panties on her hairy mound was openly visible............I remember even at that age I was so excited.........I remember how she looked at me and pulled me I ran my hands up and down her legs..........feeling the tight the soft flesh bulging over the tops............

Thank you olympusnz !!!!!!!

You are soooooo right cjpsf5, Nothing makes me weak then stockings and suspenders.<br />
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I am also with wetcouplebigd when they say the forums have been taken over by CD's and TV's, how can we get a true womans perspective from these MEN!!!!

Ahhhhhhhhhaaaa !!!!!!!!

Ahem, CJ, if I do, I won't be posting them for public consumption!! You are so naughty - that is why I think you are definitely Mr. Mischief!!!

Dorothy have any pictures ?????

WCBD - I hope I say this right and don't offend anyone because, like you said, to each his own, BUT, I really enjoy celebrating my femininity and wearing stockings, pantyhose, garter belts for my special guy makes me feel completely sexy and feminine (and bonus, it drives him crazy - hee hee!), but I am glad that he likes ME in them - nothing makes me feel MORE feminine than being with a very masculine man! *wink*

Thanks wetcouplebigd my love since I was a kid !!

So nice to see a man here talking about liking sexy female clothing ON FEMALES! :) I have nothing against crossdressers, to each their own. But every single group here about heels, stockings, bras, panties, garter belts, mini skirts, little black dresses, etc etc etc - seems to be taken over and dominated by the crossdressing males - some of which use female names and don't even really identify themselves truthfully as the MALES they are!.<br />
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My husband loves me in garter belts and stockings too - and thank goodness, he's not interested in wearing them himself! :)

I lOVE women in skirts and dresses with any style of hose but suspender stockings are my favorite. Now when they combine that with a great pair of heels and perhaps a nice slip and matching lacy bra - WoW.

Thing is why wont women encourage men to wear skirts?

Yes Dorothy quite the turn on ......

So, garter belts have power over you, hmmm? That is good to know... always good to know your weaknesses *wink* hee hee!<br />
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(although, you are already fully aware of MY weaknesses, so not sure I would end up with the "upper-hand" in this deal!)