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Ladies, please. Please tell me the best way to attach the back garter strap to your stockings.
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Fyi I let who ever is watching me putting them on help! Lol really works well

In my experience it is the back strap which does all the support work and the one you want to feel tight right over your bum. It's the strap that you want somebody to slip his hand under!

I put my suspender belt on and screw it round to the right as far as I can. I then screw my left stocking top to the right and attach the clasp. I then twist my belt to the left and repeat for my other stocking top.

On adjustment to mid position, the two back straps should be tight over the bum and you should just feel the clasps when sitting down.

You do need a proper deep suspender belt with 6 straps & metal clasps, though.

I find that my deep belts also act like corsets and are so comfortable that I forget I am wearing them.

My wife always wore a six strap belt or girdle, liked her rear garters to be well around to he back for good taut stocking support. She could easily reach between her legs to fasten the rear garters. But she also enjoyed having me tasten them for her; I did too

Yes.... Lots of practice.... It does get easier and well worth the effort

It depends on where the back strap is located on your garter. Some the straps are set more toward the side and others directly in back. When the are toward the side just let them hang down by gravity and that will be your placement, just a little bend to the side should do it. If they are directly in back its a little trickier, as before let them hang naturally, if you have a full length mirror you can see where they should fasten. Depending on your flexibility twist side ways and grab your hose where the fastener is with one hand and the fastener with the other and hook them together. If that doesn't work still note in the mirror where the fastener hangs reach through your legs and hold and stretch the hose upward while using the other hand going around the outside of your leg to reach the fastener and make both hands meet and fasten. Wha la! No one said it was easy... sometimes if it is in the back i fasten it where ever is most comfortable when I sit down, or fasten it where you can as far back then check in the mirror to make adjustments to see if it is going vertical enough and make adjustments from there. It does take some practice and a lot of patience.

Thank you very much. When I get back home to bradenton I will try exactly what you've explained. I'm sure it will take some practice.

Practice, practice, practice.

WoW thats informative