Numan Is My Inspiration

although i don't love this man as a celebrity, i really enjoy his music. there is something about Gary's style that no one else in modern music really gets, except maybe Trent Reznor - that guy shares some of the same kook. i love Numan's sound and i have re-made at least 4 of his tracks for personal enjoyment (i'm an electro-musician) but i am not sharing any online at this stage as i've yet to get permission to do so. i have almost all of Gary Numan's albums with Tubeway Army and some of his solo work and i just love his late '70s - early '80s sound, it's so inspiring to me as an electronica artist.
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4 Responses Aug 8, 2010

I love the Tubeway Army, someday I'm gonna buy all their albums!

thanks for the links to look for Opalgem, i'll check them out! JoceylynJ, i totally hear you with that song, it's amazing isn't it? this music has rocked my world my whole life, i'm so glad there are others in the world who feel the same.

The video for Cars was like eons ahead of its time i could listen to that song endlessly i heard he hes like a a hot shot stunt pilot or something i love that spacey keboard solo the song fades out on i remeber hearing Cars on Am radio in like 78 or so and loving it. I love the words too "its the safest place of all in Cars.."

You may enjoy seeing Gary Numan's appearances at Nine Inch Nails' concerts in the UK. Have you seen them? <br />
<br />
If you go to Youtube search for "Gary Numan NIN" and you should see the videos.