My First With Black

I was crusing at the local Adult Book Store and went into a booth that had a glory hole. Inside, I ******** and watched a video, waiting for a ****. After a few minutes, I saw a hand gesture me over. I approached and the hand grabbed my **** and balls and pulled them through the hole. I felt his tongue licking my **** then balls and I was getting very hard. He stopped and told me to unlock the door so he could join me. I did and waited.
A large black man entered and pulled me close. He kissed me and as his tongue entered my mouth his fingers probed by ***. He pushed me to my knees then sat down. He pointed to the glory hole where a **** was waiting. I sucked the ****, swallowing my reward.
He told me to dress and to follow him. We got into his car and he took me to his house. Inside he ripped my clothes off and threw me to the floor. Holding me down on my stomach, he rammed his hard **** into my ***. The pain of my *** being stretched was great and I loved the feeling of being filled by such a large ****. He, all too soon, filled my *** with his ***. He put his limp **** by my mouth and had me lick it clean.
We moved into the living room and he drank beer while we watched ****, white boys being used by blacks. While watching he had me suck his **** while he hurt my nipples and fingered his ***.
When he needed to pee, he pissed into a pitcher, my drink for the evening.
When he needed more than a *******, he ****** my ***.
The entire eveing I felt like a **** and was only there for his pleasure. But I loved that feeling and the feeling of being filled by a large black ****.
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I been whole older white guy that love black man. Tell what to them, I make get on there knee like suck me. Off make my **** hard then make them take there pant off and.bend over and take them from behind unit I ***.