I took Victor, to a motel room, and slowly, removed his clothes with my teeth, being ever so gentle and massaging his man meat, he ever so slowly started to give it to me.  As it was growing in size, I slowly put his **** closer to my mouth, and trying my best not to loose his pleasure, I started to lick his man meat slowly and gently caress his balls, when he had asked, if we could lay on the bed, and to keep his pleasure, I had said, Yes!  I, laid him in the bed, and in the mean time, I was still caressing his balls, and as he laid down, I slowly started to suck his ****, up and down, and licking him from side to side, his massive **** arose from it's sleeping **** to a soldier at attention.  Ever, so slowly, up and down, and licking side by side, and gently caressing his balls, this went on for about an hour, up, down, side  to side, and  caressing his balls, till he lurched forward, and shot his man juice into my mouth, and the explosion was not only gradifing to him but, to me as well.  Then, I slowly swallow, his man juice and as he leaned forward we started to kiss, and then, he goes it's my turn, and he laid me face down and started to place his **** ever so slowly up into my ***, and his 8in **** began to fill my ***, in and out, in and out, and the pleasure was all mine, and  this lasted for 45 minutes, till he exploded again.  Then we, got into the kiss  and fondling of each other and caressing each other we were friends until I move.  We did this for about six months and each and every day.

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Very hot wish I were their

love this story, always wondered what it would be like to please a man

<b>wonderful, very sensuous story.</b><br />
hope you continued to have fun with jason, frankboy.

when I was 17 my buddy Jason, took me to his house to watch a movie, his parents were out for the wend, he took me to his bedroom to show me the movie, we sat on bed and we started the movie which it was ***** it took no time for me to get really hard, he looked at my package and said ""wow" do you need help and I said yes wow we touched each other we were naked in a minute and he plugged my but like crazy, he told me later he was a virgin and he never did something like that before he did it twice in one hour to me, wow I loved it. he was a very handsome beefy guy and even when he was 17 he had a chest full of hair. During the years we have other encounters I love to do it with him, but nothing like the first time wow.