Best *******

The best ******* I ever "had" was a ******* that I gave to someone else!  I've had my **** sucked well, but nothing has yet matched what happened one night at a bookstore where I used to live.  I went there just for one purpose, to get some ****.  I had sucked **** twice before in my life, one time to completion, and I had become hungry for more.  So, since they never watched for “loitering”, I hung out around the booths until I found an partially open door with a movie running.  I looked in, and the first thing I saw was a guy with a **** out.  I pushed the door open a bit more and smiled at the ****’s owner.  That was when I noticed that he was much older than I was, maybe 30 years older.  All he did was smile at me and push me to my knees.  I was eager to get started, so I didn’t fight it.  He grabbed my head and just used my mouth for *******.  When he shot *** into my mouth, I did my best to suck out and swallow every drop from his old ****.  When he was done, he just pushed me out of the booth and shut the door.  I had been used.  I was lower than a hooker--hookers get paid.  I was lower than a sex toy--sex toys get kept and cleaned.  I wasn even lower than a **** toy.  I was as absolutely low as you could get in sexual status.  When I realized that, I came in my pants.  I still hope to find ways to be just sexually used that way again.

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I once gave a guy a BJ in his apartment while sitting on the floor between his feet, as he sat on his sofa. I was totally hot and really into it, going all the way down on it... deep-throat style... gagging a bit too. Suddenly he grabbed the top of my head and held me stationary as he began whacking himself like crazy. I wrestled to get my lips wrapped back around his delicious ****, but all I managed to do was to slap my extended tongue against the head of it. Then he began firing his *** onto my face and into my mouth. The excitement of seeing his cream flying towards my face and then partially winding up in my mouth was so overwhelming that, as I leaned back supporting my upper body on my extended arms placed behind me afterwards, I uncontrollably shot my own load in my pants. I don't think anything has been more sexually satisfying to me.

Love it love it, great story!!! The best bl0wjob I ever received was at a **** shop booth through the ol' glory hole!!! He sucked my **** with the eagerness of a **** star. It was my first and only experience in a glory hole with another person so I got nervous a bit when I started to *** so I pulled back and shot all over the wall and through the hole where his waiting mouth stayed. He reached his hand through the hole to stroke out the last few squirts of my ****. It was then that he poked his throbbing **** through the opening which is when I freaked. It was double the thickness of mine and very hairy (I keep myself clean shaven but this has been a few years ago). I put his girth in my mouth for a few strokes and grasped his **** but never did finish him off. Wish to this day that I had...