Ouch I Love It

i am a male who loves men spanking me. ive been spanked and caned by other men on several occasions. what i would love is to give my body to another man to punnish as he sees fit. then to fill my bum hole with his **** and shot his man cream deep inside me .i would be naked apart from a pair of girls white knee socks. my body would be yours xx
Darfpixie Darfpixie
46-50, M
4 Responses Feb 18, 2011

me too all the same i get raped once it was hell then the man keep force to do that

i feel so humiliate d when i expose my hole to another guy knowing he can see everything around my smooth *** hole.
Then i wait until that first swish of the cane......

Oh I so much agree with you

spanking is good. But what got you into it? if you don't mind sharing

ive always been in to spanking.even at school when i was caned i enjoyed it in a weird sort of way

did they know that. Or did you pretend that you hated it, so they will keep doing it?

whats your number