The Buckle

when I was a teen dad had me hang my punishment belt on the back of my bedroom where it still hangs toda. it is a thick long leather army belt it has never been worn only ever used to provide correction. The dad I now see is a firm beliver in using the belt so I often get a good strappiing at lest every few weeks and today was no accceptants except this time he realy used it. This moring when he came in to check if i was wet or dry (wet ofcousre) he just said well you know what i told you. He had not leathered me for over three weeks since he had been away but two weeks ago he said that if i wet the bed more than four time in a week then this time I was realy going to take a leason. this moring madde it four nights this week and three the week before. since i was 12 I have always sleep naked and as is now only permited to change the sheet once a week normally sunday. he ordered me out of bed well he removed the belt from the dooras i stood there head hung looking at the floor he siad :boy you arewe 50 and by now you should have learnt to use the toilet at nightyou are just f..k lasy boyand you know what happens to lasy boys" he theen turned me around to look at my bed as he pulled the blanket back "look at this boy" he then pushed my face into the wettest part making sure to rub my face in it hard "smell why you are going to get a whipping boy" I said I could not help it dad he replied "bullshit you are just lasy boy" he then said that I had earned 60 strokes and the last ten will be a very long reminder of what happens to lasy boys as he proceeded to lay the first five then stopping to rub my face in the sheet again then the next five stopping after each finve to repeat the noise rubbing by the time he got to the completion of the 50 stroke by which time i was cring loadly he just said y"you only have yourself to blame boy and you are going to learn from the last ten. he then said "the next ten boy are going to from the buckle if anyone has had the buckle used then you will know the pain this inflicks. before he administed this he tied my hands to the bed polls then proceeded to buckle my *** aned i can tell you this was very very painful as each stroke bit into my already very tender *** the worts make it inpossible to sit for now and am sure they will still be there in a few dayswhen he had finished the whipping he told me to stand and to follow him where he lead me to the toilet pushing my head into the bowl where he asked me "what is this boy' stilll crying i yeld out a toilet as the then flushed it saying "well learn to use it at night boy" he held me in that positioon for a fw more flushing saying now let clean that **** off your face. I was then made to waszh my sheet by hand in the bath tube. before he left he saidn next time boy it will be 15 from the buckle.
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this is the way, bedwetters shoud be treated. very well written!

yes, i think so. if the bedwetting is going on and on, parents have to increase the punishment. Therefore i think, this was the best way.

(sorry for my bad english - i am german)

i was reading it again i love it

my dad use to use the belt on my barea wet *** after i wet the bed<br />
he would rip it apart for wettig<br />
but it nothing as bad as when he caught me smoking omg i could not sit for week i had welts on top of welts

Your''re very lucky my mother & father were very very hard on me because of it and i swear to that

sounds like my father he use to rub my face in it tell how lazy i was beat my bare *** withthe buckle end as well.i had and have medical and could control myself . by age 12 i was having daytime issuses as well but not just wetting i was forced diapered by my mother and very often changed in front of others they felt if they embarrrassed me enough i would stop even after being told by doctors i had no control

i was playing wiv myself reading it

thats a good story