First Mutual Spanking

I cannot remember how it all began, but there is no doubt that my friend was over my knee, having asked to be spanked. It was the first time I had seen his bottom in this perspective. When he was settled I gave him a hard one with my hand on each side of his bottom. Then I slipped down his jogging pants and gave him the same on his briefs. After that I slipped my hand under his waistband and guided his pants off his bottom, leaving it bare. I gave him another hard one on both sides. Then I covered him up and he got off my knee, rubbing himself. He said, 'Next time I come you'll get the same.' 'Why wait till then?' I replied. 'You mean do it now?' 'Why not?' I answered. He sat on the couch were I had been sitting. I stood facing him He undid my belt, unfastened the top of my trousers and pulled down the zip. I got over his knee and he gave me one on each side on my trousers, then on my briefs, then on my bare bum, just as I had done to him. The smacks stung rather than hurt and I had probably hit him harder than he had hit me; but he was pleased and so was I at this new stage in our friendship. He had a beautiful bum.
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So you found out that you enjoyed giving and receiving spankings? Or did you have a preference. How did it feel spanking someone? I've never spanked, I do enjoy getting spanked though. So weird because there was nothing about getting my *** spanked that I enjoyed. But now? It's fun! What did you like best about this experience? I'm curious!

I like both. Quite exciting, but not terribly arousing. Intimate. What I liked best is expressed in the last sentence of the story.

You liked his bum :-)

Intimate but not arousing? It's def intimate but def arousing, and fun.

As you wish!

Was an old friend u had as a kid?

I don\'t understand what you mean well i do i guess but your comment came kinda out of no where. and btw i don\'t think you even know this guy so i wouldn\'t act like it

At least you found someone to share in your enjoyment. Did it remain only as hand spanks or did you move onto implememts? P.S. "arse" has to be a UK thing? In the US we say "***" he he! :-)

Keep reading the stories! Yes 'arse' is UK.

Ok :-)

Sorry, I\'m not an English native. For me, some words sound alike, so \'***\' or \'arse\' has not nationality, but utility.

Thank you for your reply. The words are pronounced rather differently in UK English and US English. In the UK \'***\' tends to mean \'fool\', \'stupid\'. It also means \'donkey\'.

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Another nice story, I wish it was me and you, you were very lucky to meet him. And such a nice beautiful man.

I'm guessing you two had discussed the fact that you liked getting your bottoms warmed. How old?

I am not sure I remember it quite like that. He knew that I had been spanked when I was a boy and I knew that he had not, though he had once asked me to 'smack my arse' and then bent over so that I could do it. He did not smack me in return on that occasion. So the whole thing was a bit of co-operative exploration. He was twenty-eight and I was forty-nine. He was beautiful.