One Stroke Of The Cane

My friend and I were in the backyard. He was on his way home. He noticed a slender bamboo cane against the wall and picked it up. 'Try this,' he said, as he handed it to me. He bent over. He was wearing blue jogging pants. I gave him a hard one. He was pleased and went on his way. The next time we met he hold me that the cane had left a thin red stripe right across the middle of his bottom.
oneofnine oneofnine
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2 Responses Feb 13, 2012

Wow, this story is so nice and so well-written, that it is like a haiku. How did you make to say so much in a so concise hey poetic way?

Thank you for your kind response. I just wished to express the essentials of what happened.

is this the same friend you told me about?