The Cane Again

My friend came to the front door one day carrying the cane I had whacked him with a couple of days before. We went into the living room and had a cuddle, which included him stroking my bottom and feeling my penis through my trousers. When he had had enough he handed the cane to me and bent over, holding on to a low coffee table. I asked him what he wanted. He said he wanted three this time. So I gave him three hard ones. He complained that they had been uneven - more on his left cheek than on his right - and asked me to give him three more to balance things out. I did that and he was happy. After that he would sometimes say that he was going to 'pick a stick' from the few that were gathered in the back yard. He would then asked to be caned, sometimes on his trousers and sometimes bared bottomed. Then he would do the same to me. He preferred a long thin cane to shorter ones.
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This is a really nice story, I like it a lot. Good for you and your friend.

Thank you.

I find it interesting that people would comment that this is strange. Why comment if you don't understand? What makes it strange? Anyway, I think it's nice that you had a friend you could spank and one who could spank you and enjoy each other. It is very hard to find people that like to be spanked or will actually spank as well. Nothing wrong with it!

It was a new discovery for me. I could not really have a spanking relationship unless it were mutual. It was something we just found we liked.

Well good for you! A spanking relationship needs to be mutual, you kind of have to be on the same page there...I couldn't have a boyfriend and say I wanted to be spanked if he didn't want to. It can't be forced...But it can be very enjoyable. :-)

your friend wanted to be caned that's kinda of weird? how long ago was this and has this happen before. and were you guys more then friend sorry if i have that part wrong

he like be caned your friend strange

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Lovely wish that was me.

Thank you for your comment. I am sure a visit would be nice for both of us. What would we do?

Sounds good to me! Perhaps a visiting session would be in order!