Evil Gets It'S Butt Whipped

I would have been around eight years old when this happened. My grandmother and I went on vacation in Orlando to see Disney World. This was just a year or two after it opened. We stayed with Gail, a friend of my grandmother's. Gail had two children, a girl who was in college, and Gavin, who was a senior in high school.

It was love at first sight between me and Gavin. He was tall (to an eight year old), blond and very handsome. He was extremely masculine but with a boyish quality and a great sense of humor. He was in the ROTC, and the first time I ever saw him he was in uniform. My heart stopped. I might have been just eight years old, but I already had a pretty clear idea about the parts of the male anatomy that most interested me, and the way Gavin's rather large but well proportioned backside fit inside his uniform slacks made a profound and lasting impression on me. To this very day, I think I judge every male bottom I see against Gavin's, and most of them fall sadly short. Gavin also had the most beautiful smile and the most infectious laugh. He seemed to smile and laugh all the time, particularly whenever we were together. He was fun to be around. Immediately, he became the big brother I had always wanted. I was a fatherless only child at the time, desperate for male attention and approval, and Gavin was like the perfect man to me, even though he was only eighteen.

I was a very shy kid, but Gavin sensed I was interested in him and he seemed to like it. He seemed to like it a lot. He talked to me and spent time with me. He asked me questions about myself. Very few men had ever done that before. He let me follow him around everywhere like an adoring puppy. If I ever hesitated, he assured me that I was welcome to follow him wherever he went. When the five of us went to Disney World, Gavin seemed to ignore everyone else and devote all his attention to me. We rode every ride together, and as many times as I wanted. For Disney World, Gavin wore an Army t-shirt, a pair of cut-offs (that were just as flattering to his rear end as the uniform slacks), and flip flops. (Even his feet were beautiful.) We spent three whole days at Disney World together and don't ask me about anything else. All I remember about those three days is Gavin, his smile, his sense of humor, his kindness to me (and his rear end).

And Disney World wasn't even the best part. Gail only had three bedrooms, so that I was "forced" to share a bed with Gavin. I was shy and uncomfortable about sharing a bed at first. At that point in my life, I hadn't seen very many male bodies. But I will never forget the first time Gavin stepped out of the bathroom in his underwear. There were patches of blonde hair all over Gavin's arms, chest and legs. And as for his underwear, remember what I wrote above about the uniform slacks and the cut offs. And add a couple of dozen exclamation points. It was like watching Michelangelo's David come to life. I couldn't keep from staring. I know Gavin realized I was staring at him, because he caught me at it and smiled, which made me melt.

I was so uncomfortable at first that when we got into bed, I was hugging the edge of it, afraid of being too close to him. But Gavin insisted that I come closer. And then closer, so that by the time I fell asleep I was in Gavin's arms and breathing the hair on his chest. I don't think I had ever been happier in all my eight years of life at that point. I was far too young and naive to realize it at the time, but looking back it is pretty obvious that Gavin was seducing me, and if his mother and my grandmother had not been in the next room, I have no idea what might have happened. That's not true. I know EXACTLY what would have happened.

Because Gavin had a dark side. His mother, who was usually a very nice person, seemed to be watching him all the time, as if she were waiting for something bad to happen. And there was some discernible tension between Gavin and his sister. Both of them seemed to be on eggshells around Gavin, which was incomprehensible to me, because I thought he was so wonderful. I overheard whispered conversations between Gail and my grandmother about "problems," the precise nature of which was unspecified.

It wasn't until the night before my grandmother and I returned home that I discovered the nature of those problems. Or at least one of them. I learned that Gavin had a terrible temper. He got into an argument with his mother at a restaurant. I don't even remember what it was about. But Gavin started shouting, calling his mother a "*****" as well as a few other choice epithets. He seemed completely out of control. Gail was furious and started shouting back at her son. My grandmother was mortified, staring down at her napkin, and I was on the verge of tears. (Gavin's sister was spending the night with friends.) The manager of the restaurant came over to the table and asked if there was a problem. Gail apologized for her son and herself and announced that we were leaving. Gavin was now slumped back in chair, pouting like a child, with an expression on his face that reminded me of thunder.

By the time we got to the car, Gavin's temper had subsided and he seemed like a completely different person. All the way back to the house he apologized and promised never to behave like that again, pleading with his mother to forgive him. He sounded just like a small child but Gail was too upset even to speak to her son at that point. I don't know what a psychologist would make of Gavin's behavior, but he was clearly subject to dramatic and terrifying mood swings.

As soon as we got back to Gail's house, she ordered Gavin into her bedroom. Gavin complied, slump shouldered and visibly ashamed of himself. Once the two of them were inside the bedroom, Gail started shouting. My grandmother told me to go into the bedroom I shared with Gavin and stay there, so I couldn't hear words, just the sounds of shouting. I sat on the bed and listened, terrified.

Gail's shouting lasted for a long time. Then I could hear Gavin pleading. That also went on for some time too. Then there was silence, which was almost as unnerving as the shouting and the pleading. And then I could hear the unmistakable sound of a belt striking bare flesh. And striking it hard. And Gavin howling. Gail beat her son's backside while he cried and pleaded like a five year old. I will never forget what I felt, sitting there on the bed and listening, while "the perfect man" was spanked like a naughty child in the next room.

It was a terrible whipping, that must have left Gavin bruised and welted for a long time afterwards. I couldn't see it, but I couldn't help trying to imagine what it looked like. The whipping went on and on, until I thought it might never end. Then Gail started shouting again, but her shouts were now punctuated by periodic lashings of her son's sore and reddened rump, which caused Gavin to wail even louder in response. "I'M SORRY, MAMA! I'M SORRY!" were the only words I remember hearing. For an eight year old, it was an astonishing reversal. When I first met him, Gavin had seemed so mature and so masculine. And now he was wailing "I'M SORRY, MAMA" while his mother blistered his beautiful behind!

I never saw Gavin again. I slept in the bedroom alone that night. And the next morning, when Gail drove me and my grandmother to the airport, he was nowhere to be seen, and I didn't have the courage to ask where he was. But I will never forget him as long as I live.

Several years later, I learned that Gavin was knifed in prison by another inmate. He was sent to prison for raping and murdering a small boy. I wasn't particularly surprised because by that time I was old enough to understand the real significance of a lot of what had happened that week in Orlando. I was a lonely, fatherless little boy, and charming, handsome, seductive Gavin was a *********. For three nights, as an eight year old boy, I had shared a bed with evil.

But I also got to listen as evil got it's butt whipped. Even in this life, there are a few stray moments of justice.
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May 20, 2013