I met an older man on line at a male/male spanking site. we corresponded for a few weeks before he agreed to meet me for a drink. The next day he let me know he was comfortable enough for me to come to his place so he could spank me. I showed up that Friday night and as soon as he locked his front door he ordered me to *****. He then took me to his bedroom where I had to lay face down over a couple of pillows. He tied my hands and feet securely to the bedposts and proceeded to rub a very thick coating of baby oil all over my bottom, hips and thighs. He showed me his razor strap and said he would be circling the bed and striking the oiled areas until the strap had removed all the oil from my skin. Then he started. He was the most painful spanking I received up to that time in my life an it wasn't long before I was sobbing and pleading hysterically. Finally the spanking stop and I was trying to regain my composure when he rubbed a thick coating of baby oil on his erection and positioned himself behind me. I buried my face in the sheets as he took me and satisfied his need.
doesasheistold doesasheistold
56-60, M
Dec 10, 2013