helloo :)

i live in a country where its a shame to be a gay

but i am a girl, i am a tomboy/lesbian and i like gays, i actually love them

so if any gay wants to be friends :)?

and thank you
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1 Response May 6, 2012

Oh really, homosexuality is still that taboo in Kuwait?! I live in a gulf country too, I wouldn't say homosexuality is something lovely over here (it isn't actually anywhere) but still it isn't that scary! I mean at high school half the girls were bi and lesbians and everyone knows about it lol! I would assume the same thing in your high schools and colleges? I have always wondered about that!

lol, yes they are! they are not acceptiable here!
people here are closed minded :p
colleges and universities here are not mixed thats why girls turn into lesbians :)