Bree And The Geek Test ?

I was sent this as a bit of a joke I think but just maybe we all might have a bit of geekiness in us somewhere so ya know I’m game for this. We’ll do this in true geeky fashion….so without further ado…..*puts best geek face on* test started at 11:15 *starts clock*
General Geekiness
  1. You regularly play chess – I’ve no idea how to play chess  I’ll pass on this one
  2. You’re very attached to your scientific calculator – Well no, not really, scientific functions are to be avoided at all’s strictly add, subtract and multiply for me !
  3. You primarily use linux / BSD – What the heck?  Did they misspell that and did they mean BDS…. Oh never mind.
  4. You type in dvorak –  What ?  Is that an anagram of aardvark ? noooo not enough letters.  How do you even pronounce that ? Is the ‘V’ silent after the d?

Back to no. 2 I think for the purposes of this one I’ll have to be attached to my calculator whether it be scientific or
Internet Geekiness:

  1. You’ve been online so long, your first modem was 14.4 kbps or slower. – I’ve no idea how fast my internet is/was.   I could always use it to be faster in fairness though so I guess it’s still pretty slow.
  2. You used gopher before the days of the world wide web – Seriously?….gopher, Isn’t that an animal ?  I didn’t know they had anything before the web.
  3. You regularly get up in the middle of sleeping to check your email – Noooo not really.  I need all the beauty sleep I can get…..I have trouble getting out of bed at the best of times !
  4. You’re still addicted to IRC after all these years - *Yawns* This IRC whatever it is sounds a bit too much like ‘Inland Revenue’ to me *shivers*

I’ll come back to this one later….none of the above is jumping out at me and already my eyes have starting to glaze over……*starts to wonder what colour I might paint my nails later*

SciFi Geekiness
  1. You’ve written fan fiction – No.   I don’t understand …what exactly is fan fiction ?
  2. You’ve skipped a date/party to watch your favourite show. – Haha…as if !
  3. You’ve dressed up as your favourite sci fi or fantasy character. – Pauses for thought…..I actually must have dressed up for something but …….no not a sci fi character….ok got it Barbie !! heehee
  4. You’ve read so many Heinlein and Asimov books they pose a firerisk. – I’ve no idea whatsoever…someone enlighten me…

OK we have a winner here…..I may not have dressed up as Barbie but it’s as close as it gets……so it’s no.3 for me

Gamer Geekiness
  1. You live for LAN parties – ok Next
  2. You’ve stayed up all night roleplaying – Well maybe part of the night but not in the context of what this means I don’t think…lmao
  3. You own at least three different gaming consoles - Nope
  4. You own a Sega Dreamcast, Neo geo or super Nintendo (and still use it) – Nope too !
    11:20…….Test abandoned!!  It’s fair to say it’s not gone well at all

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Your so funny! you make me giggle so much! x

Well maybe, but I had no idea about most of that stuff... IT *yawns* take me shoe shopping instead !

Now you are talking girl ... i actually want to buy some sexy new heels ... not so i can go out in them ... well maybe for 2 seconds before they give me blisters ... but to look at and take pics of me with them on ;) lmao! x

We should deffo go ! lol and then we\'d have to do the coffee and lunch thing too......gosh just write the whole day off ! heehee ;)

oh Bree i would so be there sweetie! You should come to London and me and my GF can take you girly shopping ;) We would have an amazing time! x

One day we will. I look forward to it :)

i mean it though ... you should!!! x

I know you do....and so do I. I would love it !!

MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE 2. tea and scones! lmao x

It\'s only right ! lol and of course we\'d have to take pics of all the things we tried on in the fitting rooms that we\'d actually NEVER be seen dead in !!

OMG i can see me in some biddy outfits or something lol.... bring on the walking stick to go with it ;) ... yes and of course some sexy pics to add to EP. Me and kay will look like midgets next to you .... so you better wear flats! x

I I live in my ballet flats tbh because I don\'t like being tall. It\'s a pain ! xx

i\'ll have to wear stilts lmao! x

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Right down the middle now am I a nerd pr a dork? Screw it nerd chicks rule. Team Velma!

Gooo Velma !! haha :)

Ugh ... I'm screwed... no wonder I have no friends. Must work more on social skillz.... must get more friends...

Hmmm -
General geekiness
1. I know how the pieces move . Does that count?
2. What's a scientific calculator?
3.Linux - wasn't that a character in that was Linus...maybe a relation? and BDS sounds rather kinky
4.I only know even how to pronounce it as a relative was a classical music fan..

Internet Geekiness

1. My first modem was 300bps...and there was no such thing as internet.
2. I'm with you...I thought a gopher was an animal too
3. Not a chance I'd do that - this old gal needs her beauty sleep too.
4. IRC? Internal refernce check??

SCiFi Geek
1. I'm still puzzling over fan fiction too
2. Not a chance!!
3. I've dressed up as a .......better not go there.
4. I did start reading an Asimov book once..

Gamer Geekiness
1. What's a LAN?
2. Nope. Need my beauty sleep
3. I had one of those games you plugged into the TV and it had a dot that you bounced around. Does that count?
4.I've only ever heard of Nintendo because of the ads on TV.

This is PRICELESS!! :D ..... I might do a lil better..

I got a couple Asimov books!! Ok so they are actually hubs, but hey..I read em...that counts....I even liked them!! That counts MORE right???
I LOVE to role play........drops that one right there....see..I am totally learning from you!!
We got a Wii system..does that count?
I know about gophers too... they are lil rodent suckers that dig holes in our lawn.....Not the same huh? Oh well. I knew I was pushin it....
Sits down and hands Bree the chocolate......and says...."So who has a good shoe sale this week?" **sigh of relief escapes both girls** :D

Asimov books...ok I'm so gonna google them after I get off here.....I was so good though I didn't cheat at all for for the role play well yeah I love that too but I thought turning the story sexual in a geek test wasn't somehow what they were getting at...haha
As for the gophers....aren't they cute lil things ? Ya know I'm sure we haven't got this quite right..........I'll have another choccy hun....I'm done with the test....let's go shopping !!!! *Bree BEAMS with life*

PERFECT conclusion to this test!! :D ♥