I Thought They Were a Myth...

I grew up reading about women like Marie Curie and Amelia Airheart.  On tv, I watched smart girls like Uhura, and Velma; I swear, I literally had a crush on Inspector's Gadget's Niece, Penny in which I imagined meeting her and helping her thwart Dr. whatever's evil plans - hey I was 12 yrs. old.  But I thought these girls were a myth, created in Hollywood.  Where I grew up, girls cared about three things -What do I look like; Who am I dating & are my friends dating cuter people?

When I went to school and found out that girls occasionally have brains too, I was elated!   


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Not a myth. Just Sadly very hard to find. I find that a girl that actually DOES something is sexier. <br />
World needs more.

Actually I kinda had a crush on Carmen Sandiego for a while.

Yes you did .. :)

Jinkies!... it's Velma, not Thelma. She was the unsung Heroine of Mystery Inc. Only Velma's mastery of forensic technique really contributed to the groups' success, everyone else, except Scooby, rode in the wake of her brilliance. And let me tell you boy, once you get that orange sweater off. . .<br />
. . .wait, did I just write that?

What about thelma on scooby doo....my kids loved her

Yes, Penny was the real heroine of the show. She and her trusty canine sidekick Brain did all the real work, defeating Dr Claw.. and Gadget just bungled through.. sometimes accidentally contributing, but usually without even realising. It was a great show, and I think I still have a crush on Penny! :P

Yeah man, absolutely. Forget those exotic girls like Smurfette, and the primadonnas like Daphne, Penny was the original nerdy girl. I'm ashamed to say my memory is a bit foggy, but didn't she basically maintain all of Inspector Gadget's equipment and solve the crimes using her high-tech laptop? What a badass.

Hey, you crushed on Penney too? That's so cool.. so did I! Please joint he group "I love Inspector Gadget the original animated Tv series"

i haven't seen a smart girl in so long I'm starting think they are (a myth). no no that's silly I'm sure there out there... just gotta keep telling my this...