Profit For The Wife, The Reversal Of Roles.

Profit for the wife, the reversal of roles.
My husband plays the role of the wife. Dressed as a woman. It does the job of a woman at home. Sexually he is treated like this.
As I come home from work. I just have to settle down and make me serve as a "man".
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Impressed with the story. Seeing so many people opening, I would also like to share my story. I work but my wife is breadwinner for my family. Before her life as a breadwinner, our life was having no charm... Intimidated of her built-up, I never tried to lift/carry her for love... But after she become breadwinner in family, I started expressing my wish of fun life which I was not able to give her...
It took time, but she realized my wish of giving her best and fun life at any cost, and she slowly took charge of every part of my life... I feel good seeing charm in her eye to live in this world...
I feel her treating me as her best friend... but this only happened because of changing our role as per our quality... she still loves to cook, but beside that I am her wife in everything...
... we are very happy, but role reversal has also given me some new physiology which might be part of inferior partner... I am very scared of missing her call, even when she never even mad at this matter.
I always think ways to make her feel happy and especial...

my wife has me in panties an dress like maid at home an has my penis lock in chastity iam not very big,,,i have to do all house work an cooking if i do not do to her liking i am punished

I especially like being treated as a woman sexually, all I want.

Thank you for your advice!

Although we both have to work my sissy hubby does what she can. She cleans does all the cooking and is always dressed as my wife while at home.

My husband, too. And it's chastity belt. Normal dress, no frou frou.

What a wonderful couple. I for one have always wished to have met a girl or woman that would have accepted a gender role switch. To have a person to treat me with love, compassion and wantonness will always be buried deep in my heart.

At first this concept was roundly ridiculed by people all over the internet. Over the years, however, more and more people are coming to find this concept to be in tune with how they feel, both men and women. Gradually, the idea of female lead relationships are taking hold and it is hard to imagine them not becoming the "normal" way of life.

Catherine, <br />
<br />
Excellent! This lifestyle works extremely well in My home as well. I believe a majority of all women would find true happiness being the boss, if they would only learn about it, decide on it, Insist upon it!<br />
<br />

I too love role reversal. But I admit I do not dress up my husband in feminine clothing, save panties. He is expected however to behave in a 1950ish behavior as a docile and obedient housewife, in all things to do with the marriage be it the finances, or our bedroom.

MsRegina, I think this is becoming more and more common. It also explains why we are seeing men's underwear get much more vibratant and looking more like lingerie. At least there are more options like this.

This is sooo encouraging, Mistress Catherine ! Yes, it works the other way round ! And with females more and more turning out to be our superior sex, this role reversal will become quite common in the 21st century. I love it, and I am not scared of our future.

Of course, I take in his role.<br />
But he (she), you should congratulate him.<br />
Because it became a perfect homemaker LOL.<br />
It is a full-fledged wife at home.<br />
For household maintenance, and sexually too.<br />
<br />

Oh Mistress Catherinembs, I do so love the way you describe your relationship with your spouse, I'll be he makes a fine wife. I know I would do everything in my power to experience such an opportunity with a superior female! Curtsy/Evie


It is a Delight to see Independent Women taking their Proper Place of Leadership, and more of us men accepting that we will succumb to Male Femininity, and being Pretty and Sweet for our Independent Women. I hope this Trend continues to grow, and that more Women take the initiative in Feminizing ALL the males in their lives. Women Leading and men Submitting will create a better future.

Yes Monika. I am lucky that my husband no longer works. And when I come home. Everything is in order. I can sit at the table. Relax.<br />
The fairy of the house is well. I do not grow with dresses sissy.<br />
He is dressed "normally" as a woman. There is no need for more sophisticated things. He takes off his apron as he finished the dishes. And spends the evening with me like a good obedient wife LOL.<br />
But we must ensure that ace so obedient!<br />
Otherwise the male goes back to the surface.<br />
<br />

Catherine, you are a wonderful role model for our future society. We are facing a remarkable transition of gender roles which cannot remain without any consequences for our own gender identifications.<br />
I am sure women will lead our society in future, in our society as a whole and as heads of their families and main breadwinners. So we born males will know our place is in the kitchen, doing the housework and raising the kids. We will take our female husband´s last name and be happy to rely on female guidance and leadership. And we can well expect sooner or later it will be the males who will wear skirts and dresses , trying to be pretty for you, who are working hard to earn the family´s living.<br />
I will be happy to be my female husband´s wife when retiring from work in the near future.

Catherine in order for the boys to respect females they need to experience that side as well as their masculine sides. The best way to indoctriment them is a change of attire as well as attitude.<br />
Letting them be indoctrimented with only the masculine side from their peers and friends, or at an all boys school will not bring the results you seek. Placing them in dresses or skirts achieves this in part only, but the attitudes must be instilled as well.

My two boys play sports. Rugby. They had nothing like girls. But are brought up to respect girls and women.<br />
My husband if he is a feminized home. A business men too. It makes the bike. With me. I love when he shows himself man. It enhances me being with a man who shows himself strong. Do not reduce men. Neither our boys<br />
The boys are about even keep their sexual identity.<br />
If there were a strong woman can be that love the dresses. It is their lives.<br />
It is education that matters most.

As to what Bobbie stated. I think boys should Strongly be Encouraged to be Feminine and Sweet. To make a Better World, the macho male MUST go away and be Replaced with a Gentle, Feminine Non-Threatening male Persona. Starting boys in Ballet and other "Feminine" Activities, while Preventing them from doing Traditionally "Macho" Sports and such will make for a Better Society in General!

Yes Sabrina. I must say that on this point my husband is like a queen. I am "finally" become a woman with him. It is submitted, even if it is not very sexually brave, .... He knows how to look after me.<br />
One offsets the other.

I strongly urge the idea of having the woman waited upon by a man/woman. Including having ALL of Her sexual needs met!

Bobbie Yes, I do not know in America how it goes. But here in Europe in the 50's, boys was boys. No girls. We do not wear their dresses made. It should be "Manly".<br />
Now in families of sight ,....?<br />
If my boys do not wear dresses. They are educated in a strict manner.<br />
And must take care of household chores. When he is at home.<br />
And they learn the same thing in their college in England. Without necessarily being dressed as girls.<br />
The suit does not monk. Respect and support that we must bring his wife is a matter of education. It is in this sense that I educate them.

catherinembs, the clothes are of much less importance than the attitude. Teaching young boys the proper role for adult males as you describe here is so very important and vital to the well being of our world.

Mothers, sisters and girlfriends of all males should indoctriment them into femininity. Why should women waiton men hand and foot. While I don't think enslaving men is an answer, the bring out of their feminine side is worth it. Sons, husbands or boyfriends. The teaching of boys should be at around five years of age when they are most susseptible to these ideas and have not been corrupted into the macho, beer drinking, sports enthusiast they become. Place little Johnny or Billy in dresses and progress to skirts as they get older. Develope some of the traits associated with females so as they age they too will appreciate those around them as equals instead of the Master/Slave relationships I have observed over my 60 years on this planet.<br />
Only women can achieve this if they want true equallity, otherwise nothing will change.

Many men long for this -- good for you!

you are so Correct! It is High time that Women take their Rightful Place and also Put men and boys in their Rightful Place...Skirts and Dresses and the Expansion of Male Femininity!

Yes, I keep it and not lend it to anyone LOL.

Wish I could find a Female husband like you Catherine, your male wife is soooo fortunate!!

Here, here and I believe their are many men willing as long as the wife place a positive role.

Yes to serve. Since it no longer works. And as a man must learn. Stick to the household task. As I come home from work. Everything must be in order. And the meal ready. I dont mind at all the household. That role reversal.

All women want a "man". Few understand the feminine side just waiting to get out of men. He does not understand that this can bring a lot of their love. Having a man who kneels before you to say he loves you. It's a man! .<br />
If in addition the love he submits to you. It's paradise for women.<br />
For humans too. Because it can really express themselves without shame

I love to be a woman's wife and I gladly serve my mistress.

It is women who are in charge it is just so few realize the potency of their power. I believe women <br />
should be in charge. To bring out their husbands, sons or boyfriends feminine side. If that means dressing them like girls, then so be it. I know of a few macho guys who could use a dose of gender role reversal. As do some you here on EP probably know of whom they are in your own lives.<br />
If I had a son I'd have no problem with my wife feminizing him, whether it be in frilly party dresses or a skirt and blouse.

Why is it I have never met such a woman? I long to be a womans wife!

Hi Catherine. Your husband is one lucky man.