Back To The 1600's!!!

mine goes back to about 1625, when the first as a boy came from France to Port Royal in Nova Scotia, there is a book written on my paternal genealogy, on my mother's side the first came from Ireland, wish i knew where from, but in the early 1600's, and he came to Nova Scotia as well, and it was before the famine, wish i knew more.........but i do love genealogy
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1625 that is pretty good! I also have a book that someone in the family has cared to make. The book covers from one branch of the family first came to America down to my mother in my line of the family. I have been about to trace one of my direct lines back to sometime in the 1000 but then I start running into problems and questions. I was lucky in that I ran into royal historical figures. The problems I have run into are people claiming to be the children of gods. If that were true then I would be related to Odin! lol The other problem is that sometime way back then some people manufactured genealogies to make themselves appear higher born or cover up things they did not want known. All the above is related to my mother’s side of the family. I have had no luck tracing my father’s side!<br />
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Good luck with finding more about your family!!<br />
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on my mother's side, and recently, i have been in contact with Irish folk and am actually going there in a couple of weeks, and they advised me that the Region of Cork would be the most likely probability, don't know what i would find, but hey, since i am there anyway, cheers......back to 1000? holy moly......

i love's tree and i didn't know about the Library,but will check it out.

I dont know how it is in your area but where I live all our local area library's have computer's and are hooked up to If you belong to the library you can use them for free to do family research. Have you tried ? It is a free site to start a tree on but if it get's too big you have to start paying. I have 5 small family tree's on there as feeler's and have been contacted by other's looking for the same info.. It will search all other information on site and if any matching name's come up it will let you know. There is ALOT of good stuff on this site for free. You can even print your family tree out book style for free. If you want more info. look me up. Good Luck

Oh my goodness, i don't know how to thank you RavenDelcor............i will give it a try

Have you tried, it is a free site that has some really good search engines, if you know names and places and dates for a few people, you can turn up a few or a lot more. It is difficult for some names (like Smith) because there are too many results, but, one never knows. I was able to trace back to Leigh, near Liverpool and to Kent; Ireland was a tougher nut to crack, but got into Wexford Co. there, then I ran into a common name ...<br />
But it is a start, and until I run the free search gammut, I will not pay, because, I figure the more data one has prior to paying for a deeper service, the easier it will be to narrow the search and maximize the data collected in a short time.<br />