My Ancestors

My brother and I have been investigating our ancestral history now for bout four years It is so amazing all the things you find out along the way. Most of my family heritage was from shropshire or leeds England. Some immigrated on ships to Canada. I am a world member on Ancestry uk site and what I have found is that for the most part it is a fantastic indespensible site but there are many transcription errors due to the fact that back in the day Names and spellings of them were sounded out and written as they sounded in lieu of being considered an idiot or an imbicil. You just did not ask how a name was spelled back then. I have hit a few stumbling blocks along the way due to children born out of wedlock and not knowing the maiden name of a spouse and such But all the while thirsting for finding more knowledge as I go. It is such a rush to me to find new information.
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Good for you. I know how you feel.