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It Helped Me Find Answers

Not all of them, but some answers. It opened new doors.


I learnt I was the object, the knot, of a family secret. I think I sensed it for a long time, but consciously knew it about a year and half ago. So i don't really do genealogy the way most of people do. I'm not so interested in the far away-long ago family history, but in the corrolations and communication in the recent past, and its evolution to nowadays.

I have an online tree, and building it helped me to realize how torn apart I was, because of the lies, because of my biological heritage, but more because of the lack of communication. I "belong" to 3 different families, that have not communicated between each other. Then I identified that the family in which I lived was the real start of the secret. With basic genealogy, I was able to understand why I've felt so not a member of any family, and not even of the family in which I lived (because it seems everybody knew, but me). Also why I have myself great difficulties to communicate, in spite of my honesty and efforts.


Now it doesn't give all the answers, but clues to proceed in the good direction.

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I didn't have a chunk of family in the middle of my tree....just one generation.....I had 100yrs on one side and 400yrs on the other side.<br />
<br />
Then one day just scrolling through google I came across a site called and had a look.<br />
<br />
Well I found my missing chunk and more (going wide to cousins etc).....the person had only my missing chunk and I gave them the stuff I had. I didn't know of this relative before...... and get this......they only posted the info the day before I hit the site !!!<br />
<br />
talk about divine intervention !!!