Family History

I have been researching my family for well over a year now and I love it. It all started with pure curiosity and then my grandma showed me a family bible with names of ancestors in it. It bloomed from there. I've traced us back to the late 16th century England on my Grandma's side. I now use a pay site to get records from and it's a miracle worker. I'll keep on doing research until I have really hit a point where I cannot go any further. It's a great hobby!
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3 Responses May 9, 2007

Been using Family tree maker, it keeps me organized as well. Have over 1500 in my tree today now.

I used the site I found so many things. I loved it. But it does cost money. I use a computer program called Reunion 8 to enter in info and keep track of all my info.

Great Stuff. I do have my faternal grandmother's history back to the 16th century. Many problems on my Faternal Grandfathers side, seems name change, birth changes (lied about age to enter into the Boar war etc etc.) But still trying to forge through it. My Maternal mothers side now back five generations. What program are you using to keep track of this? I am on family tree.