Since I Quite My Job 2 and a H...

Since I quite my job 2 and a half months ago I have been adicated. It is such a reliever for me. I love it with a passion. I love the mystrey of it all. The new information that I bring up is awesome. THan to add the personal touch where I know excattly how this person is related to me to see the stories from their kids of what kind of mother or father they where and stories from parents of what kind of son or daughter they were is just amazing, I am one who has always liked a good mystrey and I love the search of things and trying to keep new information organized. I think that is why It took me so long to quit my job even though I didn;t want to be in that field. It provided me all these things I love. I really dive into it. There have been days I work 18+ hours on it because I bring up a  whole bunch of information. Soon I hope to travel to some of the places in the USA that my ancesters have been to find new information on some of them.
LauraLDS2003 LauraLDS2003
22-25, F
May 19, 2007