General Hospital Rant Update.

I just have to post this because I am so frustrated with the show lately that I can't even watch it.  Robin is annoying, I wanna beat her head against something.  Doesn't anybody notice that she has a ******* problem?!?  Either way, it is getting old and boring.

Rebecca Shaw HAS TO GO!!!  What is the point in having Natasha Livingston on the show is she's not playing Em??!?  Just like Claudia.  When I look at her, I see Carly.  Nikolas is a psychopath about her and he needs to leave Lucky alone about dating her. 

Maxie and Johnny hooking up is really ******* me off!  Maxie belongs with Spinelli and Johnny belongs with Lulu.  I am tired of that. 

And for the love of God!  If Guza doesn't have someone watch that damn DVD and reveal Claudia's secret I am gonna walk to the set, put a DVD in the player and broadcast it to the whole damn cast!


urbrandofheroin urbrandofheroin
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2 Responses Mar 18, 2009

I am so mad that Dillon Quartermaine is now some sinister teacher on OLTL. UGH! They need to stop! And yeah, Sonny needs to find out about his son, but they've kinda put that on the back burner for wayy stupider plots.

I agree about the character swith, they tried that on AMC, and it didn't work then. I have watched the carlies come and go and they pair her up with people then inthe end put her back with sonny.WTF! Leave the girl to be happy and let sonny find out he has another son out there for god sake.