Needing To Know What's Underneath

I came to understand my passion for geology more clearly when I went to the beach with my father one day some years ago. The beaches near where I live are OK, but nothing special geologically speaking because the prevalent geology is superficial (sands & clays) - with a chalk basement usually just below sea level. As a result of the chalk there are lots of flints and, being harder, they come to dominate the beach sediment. My father loves collecting flint pebbles because they can display quite an array of different colours, but I have never liked them - and that day I realised that it was because their colours were only surface deep. I knew that if I cracked one in half, I would just find a bland, brown translucent lump of silica. Flints are the opposites of agates - which may be unexciting on the outside yet beautiful and mysterious on the inside. This discovery about my attitude to geology helped me to understand my attitude to people too - for as with geology, I am not happy unless I know what people are really made of - what rests below the surface.
bornexplorer bornexplorer
36-40, M
Sep 19, 2012