As a kid, my father and I would walk around to different places, looking for rocks. It was simply amazing! While I was younger, I had no idea what any of them where named, I picked them up because they looked real pretty. I had found one when I was 7 that had almost a crystal sheet on each broken bit, almost as if they where forming a crystal on the sides of the broken looked fairly neat. I loved how they glistened into the light, shining purples, pinks and even greens. I still have that rock somewhere.. but my absolute favorite, is the rock that I had found when I was 13. It was the most perfect heart shaped rock I had ever seen. I remember seeing heart shaped rocks on TV and wanting one for myself, never did I think that I would find one in real life. This was the best. I still have it, sitting on my shelf.

Rocks have always been interesting to me, which is why I decided to become a geologist. Come on, what more can a rock lover ask for than to sit down and look at rocks all day? And get paid too!!
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I'm more of a gem lover. Guess what my favourite one is.. :3 coughMY NAMEcough cough