rather terrified... no one running for new elections are worth while... bush is out.. war is out... we are all going to die.. in three years terrorists are planning to come to america and kill and rape all elementary schools hitting every state... at least that is what i heard... pulling our troops is insane!! and all you anti-war phinatics need to realize that if we pull our troops [ who btw are doing this for us. for bush. for a REASON! [[besides oil]] ] we are pulling our LIVES.

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obviously just a little girl seeking attention.

... speechless. . .

and i bet you believe that osama bin laden organized 9/11.

I'm scared as well. I thought Bush was fantastic. With a new president, I'm scared that the US will become an all too easy target and that the US will lose allies.<br />
<br />

I watch Fox news and golly where are you getting the we are all going to die stuff?<br />
<br />
Do need to investigate on your own. In my opinion there is not a news source out there today that presents an unbias truth....not a one.

Way too ignorant. Do you REALLY believe what Fox news tells you? For the shame. Investigate. Go online and look things up. INVESTIGATE!! Don't believe EVERY damn thing you hear on the news. Please check things out.Knowledge is the keyb to growing.Open your horizens.Of course everyone is going to die.That is the cycle of Life.Peace,J