Yum! Yum!

I love Gerard Butler in everything I have seen him in, but I think his best role has been in "The Ugly Truth" with Katherine Heigl. He is particularly yummy in this film. I could just eat him up! *Licks lips*


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ohhhhh im glad i followed Pixie! Yehz he's delish

Thanks for your comment. = )

I have to agree with you, chiquita. He is gorgeous.

Merily, <br />
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You are in for a treat, babygirl! It's hilarious, pretty sure you will enjoy it ! Plus, Gerard is his usual, scrumptious self, which is really all I needed to say...lol...<br />
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Enjoy, beautiful!

Yes, good point. I like his accent too, but he is just so overtly MASCULINE and delicious in "The Ugly Truth", he makes me crazy. He has pure raw animal magnetism. I realize he spends a great deal of time bashing females or atleast ob<x>jectifying them, while any other time, that would annoy me to no end, when he does it in the film, I just want to rip of his clothes and make him beg (which he wouldn't have to do for very long at all) !!! LMAO.....<br />
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Did I just say that out loud? Ok, move along , folks, theres nothing to see here.....