My Hero...!

gerard is such an amazing person. i normally refrain from placing this title [hero] on anyone, b/c i think "how? why?" - of course i'm exempting the firemen, police officers, etc.....anyway...

but obviously, we all know why...heheheh. i really feel like i can accomplish a dream or two when i think about how mcr has gone through so much, how they stuck to their guns, and now are saving the lives of what society labels "the hopeless cases" everyday. if that isnt a miracle then i dont know WHAT is. so whenever i start thinking "i can't do this - what am i doing here?" then i remember something gerard said about how he wanted to do succeed so badly that eventually he did [more or less what he said], and it helps me to get back the hurdles.

i truly don't know where i would be if i had never discovered the miracle that is mcr.  

ps. i dont suppose anyone knows the day mcr came into existence? that day is one which should be celebrated!  cos my 'net is shockin, and i could trawl thro countless pages all day!

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1 Response Jun 3, 2007

hey there i know how you feel ... i think saying someone is your Hero is just stupid but when a person or a group of people [ in this case MCR] find place in you so much it makes you feel like they should be your heroes.....<br />
i would really like to know the date they came into existence all i know is that they formed about 2 weeks after 9/11 whern gerard witnessed it and realised he was wasting his life... i wish i knew so i could celebrate it...even if it was all on my own in my head i don't care hehe it should be marked on any fans calender thats for sure !!! sorry if this made no sense when it comes to mcr i ramble on all day hehe xxxxx... i think i better stop writing now xxxxx