Gerard Is More Than Good Looks

Gerard is gorgeous. But he is so much more. He is courageous, Talented, artistic, caring, and understands the pain of living. I love him for more than just looks. He is a person who cares and has gone through rejection.  The album Black Parade has helped me so much to see that I am ok for what I feel. That I don't have to be what everyone else expects me to be. He and the boys have created a band, and music that helps to heal and gives us all courage to stand up for ourselves.

Gerard is awesome.
SandyisHere47 SandyisHere47
46-50, F
1 Response Aug 5, 2007

Gerard *is* absolutely gorgeous. And you're right, there's more to him than just looks. Sometimes the fans on some forums seem to almost compete for different ways to say "Gerard is beautifully H-O-T!". Which is fine, and true! But...I find it a little uncomfortable to constantly declare his hotness, and *nothing* else. I'm glad MCR has helped you to be happier in your own skin. Gerard's really been through so much, and I find that MCR as a band is so much more credible for it. I hope they keep making their amazing music for years to come!