Working On A Crazy German Choloate Cake

In my attempts to recreate a German Chocolate Mousse Cake that has Orgasmic side-effect (Note my culinary school almost through me out for the attempt), I am driving myself into an early grave in my attempts to 'Temper' Real German Chocolate. For any of you who are not aware, 'tempering' chocolate is a long pain staking process where the slightest degree of temp can destory an entire days work. If you have ever bought chocolate that had a almost white chalk color too it, that is what happens when you temper chocolate wrong.

Now what makes German chocolate so damned hard to temper is the European differences in confection. Most European Chocolate has a higher percentage of cocoa and less sugar than most American, in order for my formula to work, I require German Produced Chocolate. It might not seem like a big deal but anyone that has worked with Chocolate will tell you the same thing.

Next month my shipment is finally coming in and if I have worked everything out, it should be excellent, or it may be dreadful. Either way, I will try. If it works. I expect a statue to be erected in my honor, is that too much to ask?
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Your attempts at an 'orgasmic' cake made me laugh!<br />
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One of main characters in Discworld books I read, wrote a 'special recipe' book. It never got to the nitty gritty of receipe's but there were plenty of innuendos about 'sticky chocolate fingers', 'spotted ****' and the extra special 'chocolate sauce' which had men running for the showers and talking of all things cold! Had me in stitches!!!<br />
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Good luck with your German Chocolate cake. Hope you get temperature right!!!

Take a pic of this