Three Is the Magic Number

I want to have, like, three German Shepherds. Honestly! My model here is Robin Scherbatsky, the unique Canadian in How I Met Your Mother. She has an apartment in Brookyln, and yet she thinks it cool to have five dogs. That's exactly how I see my ideal life playing out. And I definitely want at least two German Shepherds, if not the desired three.

My family and friends think I'm crazy. "Why would you want five dogs," they say. Well, to be honest, how do you explain having five children?

rustyguy rustyguy
18-21, M
2 Responses Mar 25, 2009

Exactly, if you can handle five children, who are honestly much more needy and difficult than any dog or puppy, then you can handle five dogs.

Good point. And German Shepherds are about one of the best all around dogs I think.