Germany Is The Country Of Civilization And Advancement

the first time I have been to Germany t thought that I am in Paradise. although I saw some photos and videos about Germany, but the reality was different and more beautiful. I did not expect that there would be such beautiful and magic place on the earth. Germany is a country of very wonderful nature in all seasons. the magic snow in winter, the green spaces in spring, the nice flowers in summer and the golden falling leaves in autumn all comprise the complete picture of this wonderful country then the Germans themselves make a very beautiful frame that surrounds and protect this picture. In short, Germany is the only paradise on the earth and the Germans deserve life as they are making it. I live Germany.
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German people as a Race are definetly gifted, everything they make is better, Even during the war, and today, look at the car industry, Porche, Buggati (fastest car), Mercedes, BMW, Volkswagen, they are gorgeous people, and i love their language !

Did you know the orange drink Fanta was made by the Nazi's ?

And Adolf Hitler had interests and help with making the VK and Porche.