I Love Them.....

I love receiving and sending gestures! I have noticed lately since I have been dealing with things that have been going on with my Mom that it really means alot to log on and find gestures from my friends. 

Sometimes when I am really sad...I will see a gesture out there and it makes me smile and feel very loved....

So thanks to all of you who send them my way!!!!!


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21 Responses Jan 27, 2009

And you do a great job Rick!!

i try to be nice to everyone

Thanks for the (((HUG)))) Rick...they always help ! And yes you are a nice guy, at least to me you always have been :)

well in that case ((((((((HUG)))))))) i can occasionally be a sensitive and nice guy :-)

You are right Rick....never good

oh oh! that can never be good.

I doubt he'd care at this point....

don't tell your any guys in your life i don't want to get my butt kicked LOL

Thanks Chris ...all gestures welcome :)<br />
<br />
Rick- you are right...I know you too well ;)

I sent you one too... :-)

hee hee she knows me too well

nahh not you..you are more of a flasher :)

of course a hug just wouldn't be me now would it LOL

there i just sent ya one SB :-)

Yes it is affectioncrave...I love them :)

Gestures are fun ways of connecting with your special ep friends, who mean alot to you. Knowing this is a place to come, and be appreciated. What a great world!

HBY- thanks sweetie! I have missed you so much. I hope things are going great for you, we need to catch up:).<br />
<br />
SantanaRex- thanks for the hug!! Hugs are always great!

I am sending a hug your way!

Hey Sweetie! I haven't been around much and I'm sorry to hear things haven't been going well with your Mom and that you are sniffly :(<br />
<br />
Hugs, girlfriend.

They sure do Myonis! I love sending them especially when I notice someone's mood. I am a definite mood watcher too:)....they are just alot of fun!

I send gestures when I don't have the right words at that time. It's important to me to let my friends know that I see their mood or I'm aware of a situation. <br />
I also send gestures because they can be fun and silly. They lighten things up and make me laugh.