First Lap Dance

So recently I had my first trip to the ***** club at a batchler party for my cousins soon to be hubbie. In my area if they searve beer/liquer its only topless, and its no touch. So my cousin with me(brides bro) asked what girl I thought was best at the club, I choose one. He later comes walking over with her saying that he paid for a lap dance. So she brings me to the back area.

As soon as she site me down she takes off her heels, top, and panties! She was extremly hot and natural. Nice perkey ****, shaved tight *****. She was all over me biting my ears grinding my ****. She had her **** in my face learns down and says suck em! Then spins around and grabs my hands and tells me to enjoy and puts them on her ****.

She then asks if I want to go another song(first one lasted like 3+ haha) I said sure for 20.00 why not. She drops to her knees unzips my shorts and bites my **** threw my boxers. Then a total shock to me she pulls out my **** and gives me a hand job! Stoping just before I came. Then zips me back up with her teeth.

She rides me for a bit while im working her **** then she grabs my hand and holds it tight over her vag and licks my ear and asks if I want to continue?

At this point I called it quits before I was out of money.

Later in the limo we all taked and out of 6 guys that got privite dances I was the only one to get bottomless and a ******* hand job. I only paid a total of 40 bucks. The batchler paid 100 for his and got ****!
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1 Response Jul 26, 2010

Are you nuts? She was treating you so nicely, and you quit after $40? I'll spend hundreds of dollars a night on a girl and not have it so good.<br />
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I don't know about her putting your hand on her vag, though. That's sort of an STD danger zone, and she should really ask before she puts you into direct contact with her juicy parts.