A Satisfying Raspberry

Once when I was a kid, me and my dad were play fighting. I lifted up his shirt to blow a raspberry on his belly but I was too slow. For payback my dad layed me down and lifted up my shirt. I covered my belly with my hands and my dad kept trying to remove my hands to get my belly button. Eventually I gave in and let my hands be pinned to my sides.

My dad ruffled his mouth across my belly button and then paused. Suddenly - PPPFFFFTTT! He blew a raspberry. It tickled and felt good. He lifted his mouth off and then PPPFFFFTTT! Another raspberry. All I could do was lay there, enjoy the raspberries and wonder how long they would last. He then blew one last raspberry. It tickled but to be honest I never really wanted it to stop.
psychostudent psychostudent
22-25, M
1 Response Dec 11, 2012

Sounds like you need some more... Alot more. Two is not enough and i can blow for an hour... or more ;)