Finally Had To Show And Tell

Several weeks ago a lady I work with noticed my vpl's while walking down the hall.  She did not say anything until the other day when she noticed my vpl's again - this time a little more pronounced.  It was later in the work day and not to many people were still around.  As I was walking by, she said "hi!".  I said "hello" back.  I got a little past her and she said "hey, are you wearing panties?? I am kind of embarrassed to ask you but the panty lines look a lot like the panties I wear and I noticed your panty lines a few weeks ago, but did not stop to ask you."  I stopped in my tracks and my heart started beating a little faster.  I was caught wearing panties.  At first I did not know what to say.  But then out it came.. "yes, as a matter of fact I am; have been for a long time now.".  She then said "come over here and show me..".  We walked to a hallway where no one was around.  I then gave her a glimpse of my panties.  She said "yep, I have a pink pair just like them. They are really comfortable aren't they?"  I replied, "yes, they are.  The Maidenform Dream boyshorts are really comfortable.  I have several colors including the pink ones."  She just smiled and kind of winked at me.  As she walked away, she turned around and said "hey, pantyman.. I will let you know when I am wearing my pink panties and you can wear yours that day."  I have not seen her at work again or heard from her yet.  I still hope to get caught in panties again..
pantyman4ever pantyman4ever
41-45, M
Jun 15, 2010