I Lov Drinkin' But I'm Not a Drunkard ~

I love getting drunk ~

I feel so sexyyyyyyyy when i'm drunk !

I Am so flirtyyyyyyyyy when i'm drunk !

I love my eyes when i'm drunk !

I love to smile when i'm drunk !

I love my mind when i'm drunk !

I feel so calm and cool , 

But I hate when others look at me like a fool LoL


DollyDiva DollyDiva
26-30, F
19 Responses Feb 12, 2009

A sexy drunk fool I would love to look into thhose eyes sure you paint&gloss up those lips and like to pair those 6"spikes with them fishnets

Definitely No Doubt ..

Guessing that you're an enjoyable person to be around drunk or sober.

Glad you liked it .. anytime you would like to talk .. Just let me know <br />
<br />

Hi folks I had a great time last Saturday night. I was Samantha and I got hammered a little more than I wanted to really but i was alone so it did not matter. I feel so womanly and sexy and HORNY as a woman and I am tight. I wish women would tell me what it is like for them ,but reading these stories it is giving me a good idea how horny they feel. Samantha

H mmm well, perhaps lol <br />
<br />
thx anyway<br />
<br />

hello fro a guhy with a lingerie fettish<br />
Garter Belts silk stocking<br />
please feel free to write to me<br />
backontrack1961@peoplepc.com<br />
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Yeahhhhh .. I really love gettin' drunk ;)<br />
One day Morsh! We'll have some drinks together !<br />
<br />

I dont sneer or anything.<br />
Im sorry if I have hurted you unintentionally.<br />
I dont wanna make enemy or anythings<br />
Im here to share exp and make friends<br />
If you dont want to<br />
Then just leave me alone ...

AA would tell "someone" who said <br />
what was just written here that<br />
That An Alcoholic CAN NEVER <br />
"recover"....UNTIL they re willing<br />
To Admit "they are an Alcoholic".<br />
It is the FIRST step....AND sadly<br />
SOME 'Never' Take that FIRST Step.<br />
(THIS "story" HURTS me....though <br />
'I' expect you'll SNEER "at that" ???

haha ,, what if I lost control ;D<br />
<br />
Ill become a super naughty bisexual lol

So happy u are in control..Happy little drunk cool..

Wooooooooooo ~

me too :)

Let's get Drunk on Valentines day ! <br />
<br />
& Dont forget to make your BFs drunk as well :)<br />
<br />
Happy Valentines !

wouldn't that be somethin hahaha

Okay! Girls,<br />
<br />
Let's get drunk ! :)

Exactly, but another thing that I dont like is,<br />
Hang over ! It's terrible :(

me too!!!! i hate mirrors when I 'm drunk but I love everything else. i'm probably the most flirty touchy-feely lovey dovey drunk person. :)