It makes me happy. I can do whatever i want. And say whatever i want to say.
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So let me get this straight. You need a crutch to be a complete person. Your sure you don't,on your own have the ability to be happy and outgoing without using something that totally skewers your reality and gives you what in return?

Don't be to hard on her, her life is not easy, as you will find out if you read more of her posts. But I agree you don't need to be drunk to be happy. I also get a sense she now lives in a country where heavy drinking is normal. I really hope she finds a wonderful man who is faithful and loves her and her child forever.

I'm not as hard on her as her belief that alcohol can do for her what she can in reality do for herself. If you wish to abett and enable her in her path of self destructiveness feel free. Many people have difficulties in this world.
To not keep her desperate from the possible addictive lifestyle she is coming under the influence of would be a great mistake on my part. I only share my cautionary experience I encounter everyday in dealing wit the potentially adduced, the addicted, and the hopelessly addicted. They all have one thing in common when you listen to their stories, drugs and/or alcohol they truly belived could do for them what they truly belived they couldn't do for them selves in a sober state of being. This great tragedy combined with the higher rate of progression(progression is the need for more and more of the drug and/or drink) and earlier start the great majority of young people make in venturing into addiction means that many of them simply do not live to be old enough to receive any kind of education that would provide them with a choice to continue to believe the illusion that only by being high, buzzed, drunk, etc am I a complete human being. That I can truly do for myself what I only believe this substance can do for me. This is not a moral issue it is a willingness issue. I'm either willing to at lest talk to a professional about this major change (drinking and/ or drugging) or I'm not willing. I strongly suggest if you love her you will stop making excuses for her self destructive behaviors and encourage her to talk to a professional about the issues you've related in your reply. One more thing and then I'll shut up. Most people that have life problems with drugs and/ or alcohol die long before reaching the steer.

I don't love her, but I care about her. There is something very special about her and I cannot put my finger on it yet. I do feel for her and her situation. Her life is not easy. That said I wish she would drink only to the point of warm happiness not to being drunk. I know to subject the body to heave alcohol abuse over time is not conducive to a healthy and long life. So it seems we all have one wish, that is Elleshore please take care of yourself.

In my place its so easy to party. Even on work days we can just party. And when we mean party, we mean drinking. Thats the time we can vent out everything.


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I can show you how to be happy without alcohol. Then you can be happy all the time.

and i can be more direct, straight to the point!

You see you should be that confident not just when you are drunk , otherwise it means you only have courage to be braver when you are drunk .

Well sometimes i just have to keep it shut. They might misunderstand me.