Love To Experience Being A Woman And Getting Tight

                              I usually have it all planned out when I want to do it. I love getting my self all dressed up as Samantha and having a couple of drinks vodka an pop usually 7 up or mountain dew and just make up my mind what i want to do. I feels SO SEXY and horny. I wold love to get my *** pounded or give a guy a Blow job and get showered in *** while being a woman.  I did it last Saturday night and I think right now that it is going to happen again this Saturday night to.  I would love to get out of this apartment and go walking where no one else will be later in the evening and have a good time out side with the possibility of meeting a STRANGER for a fun time.


                                 I love doing this when i am not really doing anything and since the woman that has currently caught my eye is going to be out doing her thing and very likely doing the same thing.  

                                       LOVE to Everyone Samantha

Samanthalynn101365 Samanthalynn101365
66-70, T
Feb 9, 2010