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So, it's been a bit. I apologize but, life was hectic for a while. Happy to report that my weight is now at 250 lbs.........!!!!! I was so, so excited when I got on the scale & saw those numbers flash at me I would have jumped up and down if it wasn't such a chore nowadays lol..... Hubby is so proud of his growing girl.. and I love it! He looks at me so adoringly when I dress or undress (especially the undress one lol...) I can't quite describe it to people in my personal life, who truly don't get it, why I love gaining and why it just "works" for us, but it does.. so that's all that matters, right? The fatter I become, the stronger our love seems to be...
And the happier I feel with my body. Which is just a bonus! Plus, feeding, stuffing, pic taking has become a fun ritual for us as a couple... He likes pushing me to my limits, but afterwards lovingly stroking and massaging my overfilled belly until I fall asleep... Keeping the house well stocked with the things *I* like best... always encouraging me to 'just eat a bit more, love..' or wear an outfit we BOTH know is much, much too small.. but he encourages me to because he knows *I* like the way I look/feel... he's good to me.. and some people just don't see it that way simply because he likes me fat? Or doesn't mind me getting even fatter? pffffft. Give me a break... so many women worry themselves sick over gaining weight because why? Their husbands won't approve etc.... not an issue for me. I consider myself lucky and coincidentally, I WANT to get fatter as much as he wants me to... so... double the stroke of luck there! Anyone else have trouble telling or explaining to others their fetish?

Anyhow... life as a 250 lb woman is... gratifying. And heavy.. lol.. and seemingly I am always feeling hunger... shortly after a meal, I find myself thinking of something ELSE to eat... Or, I dream about eating... waking up in the wee hours of the morning and sneaking off to the kitchen pantry to find something easy to make or munch... usually ice cream, or little debbies snack cakes... especially fudge rounds! I'll stand there in my p.j pants and too small tank top and lean my belly on the cold counter top and open snack after snack and greedily plowing them into my mouth... snickering at myself, at how fat I am.. and how much I behave just as one would suspect a fat girl of behaving.... lol.. it is amusing.. and sexually stimulating.. the conscious awareness of making ones self fat, on purpose, is just... ahhhhh.... can't put it in words! But, as I sit here, looking down at the belly I've created through countless hours gorging, I feel satisfied in a way I never have... full, wobbling gut, spread out onto thighs that have plumped like sausages.. slightly dimpled with cellulite ( :{ ) and wide hips... looking at my chubby fingers typing this post out... attached to fat swagged arms... the wave now when I lift or move my arms... hehehe... even now.. I'm thinking of something to get from the kitchen... my belly is gurgling.... ;)
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How are you doing? Please keep trying to describe your excitement and feeling about your growing beauty!! I am so happy to hear about such a happy couple and there growing excitement with each other as you sweeten your curves and enjoy the full satisfying feeling of good food and an appreciative husband. Best wishes!!

You had truly become obese at this point.

What part of the change in your appearance did you like the best?


Eat all you want, friend! Get bigger and bigger! :)

That sounds heavenly.

I think you've inspired me to gain some more weight! Semper fat!

Nice work on the 250! The 2 of you sound so happy!

You sound amazing!

You truly are s beautiful woman. The both of you make the perfect couple. I hope to find a beautiful woman like you, to love and fatten. I don't want to count my chickens, but I may have. Wish me luck. Hopefully you hit 270 by the first of the year.


Stop it! Now I'm starving! Lol

Then go eat something and make you and your husband happier! ;)