Well, it's been awhile hasn't it? I apologize :( My new years & Christmas were both great, and quite filling might I add.
Valentines day recently passed as well, which meant extra treats for me, too ;) I hope everyone has had a great few holiday's thus far! It's already almost March, can't believe how times flies.. heh.. so, I've still been steadily actively gaining, and as you probably would guess, it's still adding lovely pounds to my frame hehe... as of 2 days ago my weight is 274.2 which means I've put on roughly 18 lbs since around the first of December 2013... Eeeee!! Exciting :) Thank goodness I got some new clothes for Christmas and V-day because I desperately needed them hah... Though, I was enjoying the strain of squeezing into my older things and feeling my body press against the seams and buttons.. or my gut hang over my waistband whenever I took a seat.. my husband absolutely loved it.. but, that's no shocker. Hahhah.. We went out to eat for Valentines day.. I ordered a black pepper steak with mashed potatoes & green beans & a ceasar chicken salad, as well as some buttered rolls and toffee cake to end it.. after devouring it all in a little under 48 mins.. I leaned back in my chair and without even thinking began rubbing my belly, right at the table, with other couples to our left and right.. lol, I think my hubs nearly passed out with excitement. Just for good measure we brought some toffee cake home.. It's funny that nowadays, ever since I put on this weight, When we go out to eat .. There is NEVER any "leftovers" .. nowadays, we even request take-home trays lol.. and order extra just to do so. I'm still loving every minute of this journey.. I sincerely hope to hit 300 by this years end. I would be so ecstatic! And... I know from there I'll never stop.. I love this too much.. there's a strong possibility I will just consistently gain.. One day I'm gonna look back on this moment and consider myself 'small'..... even with this gigantic squishy belly that's currently spread onto my thighs........ 500? 600? deep down.. I would even get larger than that, especially with my love by my side helping along the way.. Hmmm.....
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What is your favorite part now?

You still here? Still gaining?

Message me so we can talk

You are getting so nice and fat

That is beautiful! I hope you'll reach 300 by the end of the year too! :-)

Thank you for informing us about your extraordinary weight gain journey. It is great you are gaining steadily and you fully enjoy every added pound of fat on your big body. Your hubby is really happy man who can live with gaining wife.

You're right, 300 is small. Good luck on 350* by year's end.

Is your husband gaining with you?

Good to hear from you, congrats on all the hard work paying off. I think if you keep it up you'll be at your goal by the end of July :)

Very nice gain. Don't pay any attention to the haters. Do what makes you and the hubs happy. Keep eating sweetie!

Wonderful holiday gain, Bean! 272 is a wonderful weight to expand to! :)

Nice daydream!