First Time

I was 13 & my boyfriend at the time was 14. We had been dating for 5 months. We had gone to the movies earlier that night & some friends came back to my place with us, once they all left we started to get cozy on the couch. He put the blanket over us & started to rub my thigh. He undid my jean button & unzipped my pants. He read his hand into my jeans & panties & felt his way around. This was his first time too, he has no idea what he was doing. He was fumbeling around trying to find the right spot when I reached my hand down & push his hand a little lower. He found my hole & rubbed up and down my slit. I was incredibly wet & horny, he was teasing me terribly. After I was so wet his fingers were sliding all over he found my hole again & stuck his index finger right inside of me I gasped it felt so good. I started to slowly rock back and forth on his hand moaning quietly. He moved his finger around inside of me & then pulled it out & put it back in. I was really wet. He started to rub my **** too. He did this for about 10 minutes until I came to a huge ****** & which he had to cover my mouth because we weren't home alone. God, it was good!
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Naughty girl! ;-) I hope you returned the favor.
I remember the first girl that let me get my hand in her panties, it was movie night at church. Talk about trying to be quite where we didn't get caught

Hehehe, you're so bad. We would have gotten along very well. Of course I repaid the favour ;)

Foreplay can be a lot of fun

Dude that it awesome

would luv to get you off!!!

I'd love it too ;)

I remember my first time and I had 6 other girls sleeping on the floor in my bedroom and we had to be so so very quiet ....... it was so hard but we couldnt let anyone know about me and my bestie.

Those can be the best *******! When you have to try and be very quiet...

Love those first time stories. Check out my story, "Her Public ******." I bet you'll like it, and I'd love to hear your comments. Thanks!


um im 13 and my boyfriend wants to finger me and im scared plz help!!

If you want to and are comfortable with it then do it! If you're not, don't do it. It's your body and your decision no one can tell you what to do with it.

wow<br />
i wonder what should you do when you were alone :) <br />

Sounds finger licking good to me! Maybe we should nickname fingering 'the colonel' :)

The same happened to me and a girl when we were growing up, we were in the cinema, I had my hand between her legs massaging her knickers until I too slid my fingers inside her slit, after a few minutes her juices were flowing and her knickers were wet, when I took her home, she went to her room, moments later she handed me her *** filled knickers asa present.

That turned me on so much, can u maybe tell more of what happened?

Absolutely, sweetie. What would you like to know? I'm an open book... ask me anything. xxx I'd love to share more details.

I remember doing my ex girlfriend in the pictures she was a virgin and didn't have s clue what was happening until she nearly soaked her knickers. I sucked my fingers all the way home.

Bit like me the first time I fingered a girl lol

Ooh, I'd love to read that story!

wow that was a hot story! made hotter by the fact that you two were not alone!

I wish I could go back and do it all over!!

I'm a little rusty... I'll have to see what's new on EP. I think I have a few stories to share, hehe. :)<br />


I look forward to reading more.

Bare Hugs

Mmm.. .yummmm.. share more stories!

What would you like to hear about, hun?<br />

amazing story. i wanna hear more and that happened to me b4

Great story....thanks.

I love making out and fingering a woman! The wetter they get the more it turns me on!

Do I have a sister? No. Haha & I guess he is lucky.

Oh wow, you did it with other people in the room... that must have been so exciting!!

Wow that is a great story, I did that once to an old girlfriend while we were watching TV with other friends.<br />
It was chilly and we were all under covers.<br />
I got her going really good she had to bit into my neck and shoulder to keep from screaming.<br />
<br />
BAre Hugs<br />

I have a very good memory, I can remember most of my important memories like they were yesterday. I have no idea why, lol.

that was so sexy and intimate! i'd really would love to hear more of your experiences! you recall them so well! thanks for sharing this one!

I'm sure I could elaborate a bit more for you... or share another story about him & I fooling around.

I want to hear more about this story.